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Awards & Recognitions: The Prestigious Plumb Bob Award

Originally a novelty award, created in 1985 as part of a joke relating to the Surveying tool of a Plumb Bob, over the years the award has gained in prestige and become a serious honor for the recipient. This award is unique among those given annually (other than the 2020 Lost Conference, actually held virtually due to the COVID Pandemic) in that the recipient has complete discretion over who the subsequent winner will be. Another tradition is that each winner is expected to provide some "enhancement" to the award before passing it along. Some enhancements are affixed to the award itself, while others are done to the case, which itself was an earlier enhancement to the award. Enhancements may be personal, humorous, memorial (to a deceased former recipient), or some combination of those... 

Year Recipient Employer
2023 Michelle Babson New Hanover County
2022 Greg Belk Cabarrus County
2021 Robin Etheridge Dare County
2019 Joy Edwards Northampton County
2018 Patricia Pike Onslow County
2017 Kevin Locklear Wake County
2016 Kevin Jamison Jackson County
2015 Kent Rothrock Highland Mapping
2014 Zachary Musgrave Edgecombe County
2013 Vic Spencer Wilkes County
2012 Pam Carver Henderson County
2011 Tom Morgan NC Secretary of State
2010 Jenny Harrop Harnett County
2009 Tammy Spencer Forsyth County
2008 Richard A. Elkins Greene County
2007 Gail Forehand Chowan County
2006 Brenda Davis Surry County
2005 John B. Bridgers Yadkin County
2004 Rex Minneman NC Secretary of State
2003 Louis Valenti Craven County
2002 Marie Monteith (Hogan) Buncombe County
2001 Barbara Gallimore Rowan County
2000 Albert Taylor Jr. Carteret County
1999 Albert Gillikin Wayne County
1998 Sharon Sapp Mecklenburg County
1997 Sharon Purvis Oakes Pender County
1996 Elizabeth Bilisoly Potter New Hanover County
1995 Rick Norejko Buncombe County
1994 William Campbell Institute of Government
1993 Eddie Francis Dare County
1992 Bobby McMahan Jackson County
1991 Dennis Pittman Nash County
1990 Norman Long Burke County
1989 Michael Adams Wilkes County
1988 Keith Whitley Stanley County
1987 David Hayes Wilson County
1986 Donnie Wilson Wilkes County
1985 Robert Baird Henderson County
Originator Roscoe E. Reeve Orange County
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